Greetings everyone. 

In September 2013, we lost our beloved Mary-Ann Christopher, our Queen Coziah, because a driver ran a red light and plowed
his truck into the car she and her sister were riding in MAryland, USA. Mary-Ann died at the scene, but the officers did not do
alcohol/drug testing. A six pack of beer, and marijuana were later found in his car, but by then it was the next day, and too
late for testing. Please help to get these types of drivers off of our roads and make testing mandatory for Vehicular Homicide. 

Please sign a petition to Sen. Nathaniel McFadden (MD-45), which says:

"Make Drug and Alcohol Testing mandatory for any vehicular accident that causes death. " 

Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name: 


The Mandatory Testing petition is on the petition website. The MoveOn Civic Action
does not endorse the contents of the petitions posted on MoveOn's public petition website. 
Coziah Leads The Way

Mary Ann Christopher (Portrays Queen Coziah)

Straight-backed and arms akimbo, the coal workers of the former Danish West Indies represented resilience.  

They balanced hundreds of baskets weighing close to 100 pounds of butiminous coal on their heads from the 1850s to the 1920s to fuel the

steamships that came into the prized St. Thomas harbor, transporting goods, mail and passengers between the Caribbean, South America,

North America, and Europe.


It was backbreaking work for which they made one dollar a day for carrying 200 baskets of coal up steep gangplanks onto the vessels that

docked along the water's edge.  They got through this work with their fighting songs, dance, and drums, which fueled the successful strike

on September 12, 1892 and ultimately won them better pay. Bamboula icon Mary Ann Christopher embodied that fighting spirit every time

she took to the streets for the commemoration and re-enactment of the historic strike at the Dollar fo' Dollar Culture & History Tour.






Bamboula - Dollar Fo Dollar

Ancestor MaryAnn Christopher

Bamboula Dance 2009